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Since 1988, the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing has offered world-class training in beginning bladesmithing, Damascus steel, handles and guards, advanced grinding, and more. Thousands of bladesmiths, including a number of master smiths and journeyman smiths, got their start right here at our bladesmithing school. In fact, the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing was the world’s first bladesmithing school of its kind, born from a partnership between Texarkana College and the American Bladesmith Society.

Located in Texarkana, Texas, our in-person courses are filled on a first-come, first registered basis.  View our upcoming course schedule.

Unable to get away from work for up to two weeks to attend an in-person course or don’t want the added expense of a hotel stay plus meals?  Our online Bladesmithing for Beginners may be for you!  Check it out!

In-Person courses

Includes lecture and hands-on work and is designed for anyone interested in making quality hand-forged blades. Metal selection, function, and different blade designs will be discussed. Hammer forging to shape, annealing, heat treating, grinding, and tempering will be taught. 

Basic patterns will be included in this detailed study of Damascus Steel. Attention will also be given to pattern variations, pattern manipulation, etc. By the completion of this course, a student is expected to be able to consistently produce Damascus blades of excellent quality in a variety of patterns.

Includes detailed information on handles, both full-tang and narrow tang, guards, butt caps, decorative file work, spiral dagger handles, silver inlay work, finished blades, etc. 

Students will be instructed on how to make a professional looking knife.

This course provides the opportunity to advance your skills in all areas of knifemaking. Students will receive feedback and guidance in the practices of forging, grinding, Damascus, etc. Perfect for students who have completed the introductory course and who are ready to hone and refine their bladesmithing skills.

Around the forge at night

Integral Knives

This class involves the use of 52100 and 5160 round bar, power equipment and basic forging techniques to produce knives of integral construction. Both hidden tang and full tang construction will be introduced to students, depending on skill level, and will have the opportunity to make one of each. No classes scheduled at this time.

Grinding a blade


This course is designed for anyone interested in learning to forge knives.  Emphasis will be on the Brute-De Forge style blade.  Hand forging to shape, grinding, heat treating and had finishing will be covered.  All material will be furnished and students should leave with a finished Brute-De-Forge style knife. No classes scheduled at this time.

Working with steel going to forge

Hammer-In Seminars

The Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing is one of the few places in the world where people can train in the art of making knives. “There is a sort of romance to the art of forging,” said B. R. Hughes, former Dean of Students at Texarkana College and a founder of the American Bladesmith Society (ABS). 

Through an established program, bladesmiths at the school are certified at Journeyman and Master Bladesmith levels. Over the years, the school, which is run in connection with Texarkana College, has drawn students from Australia, England, France, and South Africa, as well as from most of the states that make up the  U.S. 

The instructors include world-class bladesmiths sanctioned by the ABS.

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Learn bladesmithing online from the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing.  Built on curriculum designed by Bill Moran, the father of modern Damascus Steel and the founder of the first bladesmithing school of its kind in the world now offers the first of its kind online Bladesmithing for Beginners course.